Ken Lay supports cyclists' right to be on road

Post date: Feb 27, 2014 4:53:01 AM

Victoria Police Chief Commissioner Ken Lay has come out in emphatic support of cyclists' right to be on the road, stating that it is the responsibility of all motorists to be vigilant about bike riders' safety.

Mr Lay's firm pro-cycling comments feature in a YouTube video clip that has not been officially released, but has been obtained by Fairfax Media.

''Bikes are classified as vehicles, and like cars, they have the right to use our roads,'' Mr Lay says. ''The vulnerability of cyclists does put the responsibility on motorists to drive safely and in a way that doesn't risk the life of cyclists.''

Police Chief Commissioner Ken Lay.

The state's most senior policeman also uses the video to dispel two myths that are a frequent source of hostility towards cyclists – that motorists pay for the roads through their registration fees, and that cyclists are legally required to ride in single file.

''Our roads are paid for by our taxes and rates,'' he says. ''Cyclists may ride two abreast legally. Be patient when you're driving and give bikes at least one metre clearance when passing, more if you're travelling over 60km/h.''

Source: The Age.

Police Chief Ken Lay