Hawthorn to Box Hill Trail

The Hawthorn to Box Hill Cycle Trail is route that is planned as a shared use path (cycling and walking) that follows the railway line corridor from Hawthorn to Box Hill to Ringwood. It is part of the City of Boroondara Bicycle Strategy to improve the bicycle network and facilities for cyclists of all ages and abilities.

The Feasibility Study for the Strategic Cycling Corridor has been completed by the Department of Transport.

The section of trail between the current Mont Albert station and Surrey Hills Stations (Mont Albert Road to Union Road) is being constructed by the Surrey Hills and Mont Albert Level Crossing Removal project (LXRP).

The Department of Transport is progressing with a detailed design from Box Hill to Mont Albert.

Hawthorn to Box Hill Trail

2022 No federal funds for building the Hawthorn to Box Hill Trail, only car parks

To date, no federal funds have been allocated for building the much needed Hawthorn to Box Hill Trail strategic cycling corridor.

However, Josh Frydenberg, the federal member for Kooyong and treasurer, has allocated $65 million to deliver 2000 car spaces in multilevel car parks near railway stations including Glenferrie Rd, Canterbury, Camberwell and Surrey Hills. Each car space would cost $32,500.

The $65 million would be much better spent building the Hawthorn to Box Hill Trail strategic cycling corridor to provide safe, car-free, climate friendly transport though Canterbury and Glenferrie.

More information, including feedback links to Boroondara Council (closing date 10 Feb)

2020 Hawthorn to Box Hill Trail Feasibility Study

A feasibility study is underway for the Hawthorn to Box Hill Trail using the $370,000 funding secured by Paul Hamer MP and John Kennedy MP. The study, managed by the Department of Transport, is identifying options for the route including the preferred alignment and treatments along it.

More information on this study and submissions to it are here.

2020 Petition to Boroondara and Whitehorse Mayors

This petition calls on Mayor Sharon Ellis, Whitehorse Council and Mayor Cynthia Watson, Boroondara Council and their respective Councils to provide funding for the Hawthorn the Box Hill Trail and assist with its planning and construction. Nearly 1,000 supporters! Please sign it if you haven't already.

2018-2020 Level crossing Removal Projects

The Surrey Hills and Mont Albert Level crossing removal project (LXRA) has been requested to build the section from Box Hill to the Anniversary Trail. See this page for updates and actions to take on this exciting opportunity.

Bayswater station
Shared path at Bayswater station

UPDATE 13 Feb 2019

The RACV released a "roadmap for cycling superhighways" on 13 Feb 2019 that includes the Hawthorn to Box Hill Trail route. However it is not listed in their "top ten routes", it should be. There appears to have been no consultation with Bicycle User Groups.

RACV roadmap for cycling superhighways

Why is it needed?

There are many reasons, the major one being that there is no safe and direct East-West off road cycling path through central Boroondara. Cyclists wishing to travel along the route between Box Hill and Richmond have to wend their way through side streets or risk riding on Canterbury Road, Burwood Road or Riversdale Road. The Hawthorn to Box Hill Trail will overcome these difficulties, and will also provide linkages and connections with a number of existing and planned paths, helping to build an integrated cycling network in Melbourne’s East. These include: The Anniversary Trail, Gardiners Creek Trail, The Yarra River Trail and the proposed Box Hill to Ringwood Rail Trail.

Is this idea new?

No. There has been a concept for an Eastern Rail Trail since at least 1995 and plans were drawn up at that time. However nothing has happened to date. The BHRBP is also identified as a priority route in Boroondara Council’s 10 Year Bicycle Strategy.

Why has it become topical now?

There is increased traffic congestion on the roads that cyclists use when travelling along the central east west corridor through the City of Boroondara. There is increased interest in cycling within the community and there is strong demand for a network of safe and convenient bike paths.

The Hawthorn to Box Hill Bike Path would:

    • Provide transport linkages between the Camberwell and Glenferrie Road Central Activity Districts (CADs) and several smaller shopping centres.

    • Help promote sustainable transport in a future likely to be impacted by rising fuel costs and the need to reduce carbon emissions.

    • Reduce traffic congestion.

    • Promote healthy lifestyles for people of all ages through recreational and commuter cycling.

    • Provide a dedicated cycling route that will keep bicycles separate from cars

    • Encourage many people to cycle who otherwise wouldn't and would greatly improve safety for those who already do

Will it help students wishing to cycle to school?

Yes. There are twenty schools and other education institutions either adjacent to the trail or within one km.

These include Camberwell High School, Strathcona, Camberwell Primary, Canterbury Primary, MLC, Chatham Primary, Auburn South Primary, Surrey Hills Primary, Mont Albert Primary, Box Hill Senior Secondary College, Our Holy Redeemer School, Canterbury Girls Secondary College, Swinburne Senior Secondary College, Swinburne University, Glenferrie Primary, Fintona, Rossbourne School, Hawthorn West Primary, Carey Baptist Grammar, Preshil, Camberwell Grammar, Scotch College, Camberwell Girls Grammar

Construction stages

The trail could be built in three stages

Stage 1: Box Hill – East Camberwell, link to Anniversary Trail

Stage 2: East Camberwell – Glenferrie

Stage 3: Glenferrie – Yarra River, link to Main Yarra Trail

What you can do to support the bike path

    • Add your name as a supporter, with a brief statement of how the trail would benefit you.

    • Complete our survey of how you would like to use the trail

    • Ring, write or email your local councillors.

    • Ring, write or visit your local state members of parliament. Go to our website for contact details for our elected representatives.

    • Tell your friends, neighbours, fellow students and work colleagues.

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