Hawthorn to Box Hill Trail timeline

June 1996. Detailed Eastern Rail Trail proposal. Cities of Boroondara & Whitehorse, Dept of Sport and Recreation. Included in Principal Bicycle Network (PBN).

25 Apr 2005. Detailed route proposal. Peter Campbell. Route is no longer in PBN.

2005-06. Detailed route assessment. Jim Hondrakis, City of Boroondara

2007. City of Whitehorse support Eastern Rail Trail and include as medium priority project in 2007 Whitehorse Bicycle Strategy.

30 Nov 2010. David Powell, Director of Environment & Infrastructure, City of Boroondara.  In principle support and inclusion in Council Bicycle Strategy and commitment to  “Progress initiatives to provide a bicycle corridor parallel to the railway line to complete the Eastern Rail Trail over time".

23 Mar 2011. Support from Robert Clark MP for Box Hill to Surrey Hills section of the route

21 Jul 2011. Terry Mulder, Minister for Public Transport advised that route would be considered as part of revised Principle Bicycle Network.

20 Feb 2012. Support from Josh Frydenberg MP (Kooyong) for Hawthorn to Box Hill Trail

20 March 2012. Critical Route Corridor 9 study identifies lack of safe cycling routes

2018. Route is on VicRoads PBN and Boroondara and Whitehorse maps

2018. Level Crossing removal projects announced for Union & Mont Albert Rds

13 Feb 2019. RACV specify Hawthorn to Box Hill trail as priority strategic cycling corridor route

2019. Petition to Victorian State Parliament for the Hawthorn to Box Hill Trail – 1844 signatures

2019. Paul Hamer, MP for Box Hill, announces $370,000 allocated for planning.

2019. Hawthorn to Box Hill Trail is specified by the Victorian Government as Strategic Cycling Corridor

2020. Planning in progress for Surrey Hills and Mont Albert level crossing removals

26 Feb 2020. Infrastructure Australia specify Hawthorn to Box Hill trail as near term priority initiative

Sep 2020. Over 1300 people sign online petition to build the Hawthorn to Box Hill trail

Oct 2020. Feasibility study for the Hawthorn to Box Hill Trail conducted by Department of Transport team.

Oct 2021. Feasibility study completed for the Hawthorn to Box Hill Trail. The full study documents have not been published but this update was.