There is a renewed focus on planning and developing a network of safe cycle routes, paths and trails across Australia. Cycling is a sustainable form of transport that is fun and healthy too.

This site provides a public place to share information, plan and collaborate on developing and implementing cycling routes and networks throughout Victoria, Australia.

There are many individuals, Bicycle User Groups, Government departments (State and Federal) and cycling organisations working on promoting and developing cycling within Victoria and across Australia.

This site has been created to provide a means for our community to create, publish and share information about cycling opportunities, projects and issues, using a "bottom up" rather than a "top down" approach.


    • Create and update articles on cycling projects, maps, routes, opportunities and issues, capturing local knowledge.

    • Share information between local cyclists, Bicycle User Groups (BUGs), government departments and cycling organisations to facilitate planning and development of safe cycling routes and networks.

    • Provide information on resources that can be used for developing and promoting a safe cycling network throughout Victoria, including resources from other states and/or countries.