BBUG input 3 June 2020

Here is what we would like for Stage 1 - a shared path connecting Box Hill to the Anniversary Trail:

    • A safe family-friendly shared bike and pedestrian path for use by families, children, local residents, students and commuters for walking, jogging and cycling.

    • No "at grade" pedestrian crossings (Elgar Rd, Union and Mont Albert Road (LXRA), Canterbury Rd, Myrtle Rd, Burke Rd, Auburn Rd, Glenferrie Rd, Power St). Where a shared path underpass is not feasible then an overpass should be provided at these roads.

    • Four meter path width on structures, elsewhere 3m width with 0.5m setback on each side

  • Connections with local shopping and activity centres

    • Separated from roads and traffic - reduce traffic congestion, good safety

A later Stage 2 would connect East Camberwell to Hawthorn and the Main Yarra Trail.

Summary of benefits:

    • Health - exercise prevents heart disease, obesity

    • Reduced traffic congestion - every walking and bike trip is one less car trip

    • Reduced traffic disruption - pedestrian crossings at Union, Mont Albert Roads and other roads would disrupt traffic and increase danger.

    • Climate friendly - zero carbon emissions transport

    • Time savings - local trips by bike can be quicker than by car

    • Less crashes, reduced medical costs - crashes with cars are a major cause of cyclist injuries and deaths

    • Socio-economic cost of cycling is much lower than the cost of car transport if the car does not contain more than 1-2 passengers.

Reference: Cycling infrastructure is an economic asset for society as a whole

The Strategic Cycling Corridor route following (and using where possible) the railway line transport corridor is best because:

    • it has a good even grade with minimal hills and is direct

    • dangerous road crossings can be eliminated by bridges or tunnels

    • pedestrians and joggers can use it safely

    • it will be suitable for cyclists and pedestrians of all ages and ability

    • it connects several activity centres

    • it is close to over 20 schools and other educational institutions

A presentation on the Hawthorn to Box Hill Trail (including history) can be downloaded here.

Further information about the route is also available here

The other Strategic Cycling Corridor through Boroondara along Mont Albert Rd, Sackville St and Wellington St is a separate route and has the following limitations:

    • Narrow bike lanes with cars often parked in them

    • Busy and dangerous intersection crossings shared with traffic (e.g. Burke Road, Union Road)

    • Narrow streets with parked cars and lots of “school drop off and pickup traffic” (e.g. Sackville St, Wellington St)

    • Several steep hills (Mont Albert Road near Balwyn Road, Wellington St near Power St, Stevenson St near Young St)

    • Poor connection with the Yarra Trail and Richmond.

    • Few cyclists use this full route

    • Pedestrians and runners along this route must use footpaths.

We understand that this route is not being investigated for the feasibility study as the funds were provided for the Hawthorn to Box Hill corridor route that petitioners asked for.