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Cycle route types

The following types of cycle routes are classified in Victoria.  Source: Bicycle network planning, VicRoads

Types of cycling routes in Victoria

Current issues

  • Artificial segregation of routes into "types" that may restrict funding and development.
  • Lack of recognition of cycling as a local and distance transport mode.
  • The majority of car-free cycle routes are "shared paths". If there is heavy pedestrian usage this impedes cyclists and endangers pedestrians.
  • There are multiple "networks" rather than a single network with multiple types of cycle routes
  • There are different levels of expertise in government departments for constructing and managing cycling infrastructure.  For example, VicRoads has considerable expertise in path construction, while this is not a core competency for Parks Victoria.
  • Different sources and amounts of funding are allocated to the various cycle route types.  Some are not funded at all.