Surrey Hills and Mont Albert level crossing removals

This project provides an excellent opportunity to build the section of the Hawthorn to Box Hill Trail connecting Box Hill with the Anniversary Trail in Camberwell, following the route of the railway line utilising where possible available land in the rail corridor.  

The Hawthorn to Box Hill Trail Coalition is asking for this section to be constructed.

The new walking and cycling underpass at Surrey Hills station could look like this:

Surrey Hills station schematic

Original image source: Level Crossing Removal Projects 

The new walking and cycling bridge crossing Elgar Road could look like this:

Elgar Road crossing shared path schematic

Original image source: Level Crossing Removal Projects 

The shared pedestrian and bike path recently constructed at Bayswater Station is a good example what can be provided at these locations.

  Bayswater Station

A petition to the Legislative Assembly of Victoria for this initiative can be downloaded [here] (PDF)